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Want to book a model or have a chat about what you're looking for?

Our models are 125€ / hour (not including buyout.)

There is a 20% agency fee.


However, we do offer lower prices or portfolio-based work, dependent on the project. 


Please send us an email to enfantterriblesociety@gmail.com with info on the project, the team and the available budget. 

Want to join the Alien-Family that is E.T. Society?

Unfortunately, we are currently at full capacity!

However we still accept applications and in some cases, ask people immediately to join our family. 


Please send your application to enfantterriblesociety@gmail.com with pictures & your model experience as well as to how you've found us or heard of us! 


We only accept genderqueer / nonbinary, transgender and bipoc people! 

You must see the model career path as a viable life choice as we do train & invest in our models! <3